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Rosetta Holmes

Rosetta Holmes Kinesiologist Essential Difference A belief, that given the right resources the body knows how to heal itself, has been part of my life since a very young age.  I remember when I was around the age of  eight, having a sense that the body, as incredible and complex as it is, really knows how to heal – it’s just that sometimes the resources are out of reach!

Kinesiology was introduced to me through conversation and I remember thinking “What’s that about and how does it work?” As I listened, my interest grew and since sparked a desire to learn more about it!

What I discovered was an amazing health care system that approached health through the belief I have always had – ‘that the body knows how to heal’, though like anything in life requires support to achieve optimum potential!

I believe these out of reach ‘resources’ must be succinct with the body.

dandelionWhat do I mean by that?


  • nourishing the body (this is fluid of course as the body’s requirements change),
  • emotional expression (the body can hold so much before it starts to ooze at the seams and health begins to deteriorate),
  • past and present environments play its role in our thoughts therefore our choices and if our choices conflict with our values and beliefs then the internal disagreement no matter how long it is present will affect our health.

As we are multifaceted so too must our approach be to health!!

Essential Difference Why KinesiologyWhy did I study Kinesiology over any other modality?

Well Kinesiology was congruent with my experiences, observations and pretty much my life journey…

From the age of around 12 or 13 I walked the path of confusion, diversion, frustration feeling lost, alone, resentful, angry believing that there was no one that I could talk too who would understand, until early 20’s -perhaps a lot of teenagers go through this very same ‘developing’ period. I have been evolving ever since then from that ‘depressive’ time! However from adversity comes triumph right? – so it is said.   Read more about Why Kinesiology? Here


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