Do you have the commitment to make a real change?

I was once part of the New Year Resolution Movement, many years ago!  Making a ‘New Year’s Resolution’ as each year ticks over has stood the test of time, 4000 years’ worth in fact; if google is correct.  What also appears to have stood the test of time is the deep want to make a change, unfortunately what follows is also a very common experience…….disappointment, dissatisfaction, self-pity/loathing to name a few.


General Process of making a New Year’s Resolution


Step 1:  Make a Resolution.

Step 2:  Take action.

Step 3:  Success or Disappointment.  If the latter, an avalanche of thoughts and emotions follow the realisation of falling short until it can be accepted on some level or pushed to the side and not thought of again until….yep you guessed it, the following year!

Step 4:  Reinforcement of deep core beliefs e.g. why bother




I propose something a little left field to the New Year’s Resolution…..


This proposal incorporates you, your ‘willingness’ to experiment, on-line interaction, strategies & support and the next 12 months.  It is based on ‘Values, Qualities & Characteristics’ (VQC) and the best part is you get to choose:-


You can choose 12 VQC’s from the list provided and practice 1 per month or you could choose 50 for the remainder of the year and practice 1 per week.  It’s your choice!


All you have to do is choose your number of VQC’s from the list (or add your own) and place them in preference order on the spreadsheet provided.  Click here for your printable sheet.


The Aim of this program is to increase quality of life and enjoy life daily, whatever that is.



  1. Hold your VQC that you are going to practise in the forefront of your mind, giving thought to how you can emanate it through words, affirmations, encouragement, action or non-verbal communication.
  2. Rate your level of satisfaction or current experience with this particular VQC on the Spreadsheet rating it between 0-10.
  3. Set out for the allocated period of time and practise the VQC.
  4. Make a mental note of its success or varying degree of success.
  5. Re-evaluation your level of satisfaction at the end by marking it on the Spreadsheet between 0-10
  6. Share your findings on our support Facebook group page ‘Be The Difference, Make The Difference, Feel The Difference’.




And there’s no pressure either because if you would like to join this new concept but don’t get to practise often or you forget until afterwards, no one will know (except you), so no pressure.  Do it when you can. So it is very flexible and fits in with you.


As you develop aligning yourself with your chosen VQC you may become aware of changes in yourself, behaviour and communication such as a feeling of calm, patience and understanding.


Some VQC’s such as acknowledgement, accountability, reflection, empathy, forgiveness, acceptance, tolerance, understanding and compassion are some of the ‘states’ we experience consciously or unconsciously.  Embracing the opportunity to deepen a sense of self can reinforce purpose and identity.


Do you have the commitment to make a real change?


Let’s have some fun!!

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