April 2015 Newsletter – The Skin Connection

The Skin Connection

Your skin is a remarkable self-renewing organ measuring up to 2 square metres in diameter and is part of a system which incorporates hair, nails and glands.

Due to its connections with the internal body it can indicate when things are out of whack.  In fact, if your skin is suffering on some level then perhaps your internal body is also.

Our physical body responds to stressors and those stressors could be anything in your environment that puts your body as a whole under pressure.

Simply put; your thoughts affect how you feel and your emotions affect how you think, influencing your behaviour.  The results of that behaviour affects how you think and feel!

It’s like when you praise a child for their exceptional behaviour, they feel great, confidence grows and they think well of themselves.  It is highly likely they will repeat this behaviour (action).

Box with facesThe same applies for example, if a child feels embarrassed in public from something they said, they will think poorly of themselves, feel terrible and will be less likely to share their opinion (action) next time.  A flow on effect of a situation like this could be that they go off their food or don’t sleep well which can affect their nutritional absorption.  This stress can affect their skin through dryness or irritation like dandruff or eczema.

As a busy parent perhaps you can relate to life getting ‘crazy’ with school, home, sports.…..etc, it’s easy to get caught up with it all and lose track of ‘self-care’.  Before you know it, your ‘under the pump’, irritable, not eating well, rarely smiling, rushing and just feeling overwhelmed.  Your lower back starts to ache and your mind just won’t shut off!  You’re in need of a hair appointment, your nails are chipping and skin looks dry.  And you’re waiting for school holidays to arrive!

Is your skin telling you, you’re stressed or overwhelmed?

Look out for my upcoming short courses.

xo Rosetta 


Wishing you and your family a warm and joyful, safe Easter break. xo


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