I’m Rosetta Holmes. I'm on a Mission to Help You Thrive through Kinesiology and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Since a very young age, I’ve had the belief that, given the right resources, the body knows how to heal itself. I was around the age of eight when I started becoming aware of just how incredible and complex the body really is, and how amazing it is that it knows how to heal itself when given access to the right resources!

Kinesiology was introduced to me through conversation and I remember thinking to myself: “What’s that about and how does it work?” As I listened, my interest grew and since sparked a desire to learn more about it.
What I discovered was an amazing health care system that approached health through the belief that I’ve always had – that the body knows how to heal itself, though I’ve learnt that it requires the right support to achieve its optimum potential.

I’m on a mission to learn, master, and teach these resources to everybody so you too can achieve a life lived to the greatest.

I Can Help You With:



Clients often see me because they struggle to muster up motivation. Motivation is a complex quality and partly skill based. It’s an important aspect of mindset along with courage, resilience, confidence and self-esteem.



Often confused with self-esteem, confidence seems to be an elusive quality many seek. Heavily tied up in belief patterns and once disassembled confidence among other qualities begin to surface.


Personal Development

Facilitated either through 1:1 consultation, workshops, or retreats, personal development is the framework that binds everything together. It’s like updating an old map that only gets you so far.


Physical Health

The number one reason clients see me is related to pain. However, while pain is a most distressing lived experience it often reveals other significant contributing factors that are typically overlooked


Emotional Health

One’s ability to recognise and navigate emotional fluctuations when they surface is a skill that requires practice. It starts with role modelling or co-regulation and through these methods, opportunity is created to develop important skills for life. 


Mental Health

Significantly on the rise, mental health demands attention and rightly so. Unaddressed declining mental health is like rust, you can paint over it and it looks all nice and pretty for a while but eventually the rust eats its way through.

Why Kinesiology?

I found Kinesiology (or it found me?) at a time when I was exploring alternative means of healthcare that were more congruent with my experiences, observations and pretty much my life journey.

From the age of around 12 until my early 20’s,  I walked the path of confusion, diversion, frustration feeling lost, alone, resentful, and angry – believing that there was no one I could talk to who would understand.  I have been evolving ever since then from that ‘depressive’ time and, through my Kinesiology training, counselling, and by assisting my clients, I have achieved a transformation in my life and I believe Kinesiology was at the heart and soul of my journey. 

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