Back to Basics

It’s easy to get sucked up and lost in the ‘rat race’.  Sometimes, all we need to do is get back to basics!  The holiday season is a great time to replenish body and soul.  Whether you have kids or not there is so much you can do to simplify life a little.  “Access to nature can significantly contribute to our mental capital and wellbeing,” writes Matthew Silverstone in his book Blinded by Science.

Whether you are heading away on holidays or staying home, incorporate activities that reconnect you with the outdoors, friends and family.

Back to basics

  • Bike riding. This pastime is gaining momentum. There are many areas available that offer great bike paths. Remember to take water and a hat!

  • The younger children really enjoy playing in the dirt or sand alike. Add some accessories like a scale, old containers and a bucket of water. There are plenty of leaves, rocks, sticks and feathers out in the garden to give their creations character.

  • Camping in your back yard. Whether you use a tent, a tarp or a sheet hanging off branches or poles, back yard camping is fun and it’s different from the everyday routine. Great for the kids or the whole family!

  • Grab a book or a friend and a pillow and relax in a hammock!

  • Star gazing. Lay on a trampoline, a rug or the grass. This is a great way to disconnect from the ‘rat race’ and simply be. Enjoyed either by yourself, with family or friends. Find constellations!

  • Fly a kite. Let your mind go blank and be mesmerised.Flying a Kite

  • Fish for tadpoles. Keep them for a day or two in a large bowl or fish tank. See if the kids can identify what species they are?

  • Family Canoe activity. If you don’t have your own canoes you can hire them. Enjoy either a ½ day or a full day gliding along a river or lake. Take a picnic and stop along the way and enjoy!

  • Tubing down the river. Fun with friends or the whole family.

  • Weeding the garden – make a competition out of it!

  • Yabbying. If you don’t have a dam yourself or know of one you can use remember to ask permission before entering onto someone’s property. All you need is fishing line, a stick, a net, a bucket and some meat. Good fun!

  • Frisbee. This is loads and loads of fun with friends or family alike. All you need is open space and you’re set to go!

  • Make daisy chains. Great for the little ones!

  • If you’re near the river often you will find lots of reeds. Reeds are fantastic for weaving. You will be surprised what the kids can turn these reeds into!

  • Chalk drawing on the veranda. Easily washed off or brushed off with a broom.

  • Capturing a moment on camera. Photography can be a wonderful pass time.

  • Connect glow stick and start skipping. So fun at night!

  • Build a go-kart with bits and pieces. Paint it, give the ‘mean machine’ a name and go for it!

Have fun!!!

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