The Art of Letting Go

“It is not the pain from hurt that challenges us but the relationship we have with it.” Rosetta Holmes Just the idea of ‘letting go’ or being told to ‘let go’ as many of us have heard before, can be confronting to hear. What does it mean to ‘let go’? How is it achieved? What are the steps involved? To begin the process, it may help to know what you’re holding on to, how and what to do to facilitate that process.  Holding on to something that’s destructive to your quality of life, takes a great deal of focus, effort […]

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What gets in the way?

Have you ever wanted to do something but couldn’t bring yourself to do it? Or desired to feel a certain way, but something keeps you from reaching that desired state? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to think more positively or congruently with your actions, yet your thoughts drag you back to the ‘other’ less inspiring thought frames? What is it that gets in the way? It seems to have tremendous power; whatever creates these blockages, wouldn’t you agree? Perhaps it’s fear? Or maybe it doesn’t feel like fear? But did you know fear can dress up in different outfits? Overwhelm, nervousness,

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Emotional Safety

EMOTIONAL SAFETY Humans are incredibly resourceful; history can vouch for that. The success of our evolution has relied on our ability to avoid potential dangers, physically speaking, though we are far more complex than living as single-dimensional beings. Evolution had (and has) other plans. Individually, we live as different pieces to a new age puzzle, chasing job satisfaction, healthy relationships, and personal fulfilment like achieving success in reaching goals while pursuing joy and happiness. There is immense pressure on people to accomplish overall success in virtually every aspect of their lives. This level of stress affects people in various ways,

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Fire, Passion and Willpower

A determinate factor and key component to moving oneself from one state towards another that is authentic, genuine, real, and true, is having the ‘awareness’ of why. What is that ‘stuff’ deep within our hearts that propel us to act? “The starting point of all achievement is desire” Napoleon Hill The driving force that creates change is referred to by many names, some might refer to this driving force as willpower, desire, determination, essence, purpose, fire, and passion. There is an internal space that is hard to define. One thing is for sure ‘we’ the people can’t agree on what

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Authenticity deepens Self-Awareness

“Awareness is all about restoring your freedom to choose what you want instead of what your past imposes on you.” Deepak Chopra Being authentic and honest with oneself is a powerful commitment because these qualities are the beautiful bond between Awareness and behaviour. True self-awareness is unattainable without authenticity, creating a divide between conscious and unconscious living. Awareness is profound in that it allows one to consciously step into purposeful living, bringing the presence of mind, heart, and soul. This is not to say that a lack of Awareness denies people of real experiences within their lives; it simply means

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What’s real or true

I’m going to take a deep dive into something really important to most of us if not all of us. A deep desire or need to be authentic and to feel safe in doing so. The Cambridge Dictionary states authenticity is ‘the quality of being real or true’. We live in a culture that has developed slowly over time subliminally creating many concepts. One of those concepts is that living authentically comes at a price. That price may be feelings of being judged, criticised, rejected, alienated, embarrassed, or ridiculed. It’s a steep price to pay when it impacts our confidence,

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Valentines 2020 Giveaway

Valentines 2020 Giveaway Terms & Conditions of Participation Information on participation in Essential Difference’s “Valentines 2020 Giveaway” referred to as (The Promotion) forms part of these Terms and Conditions. Participation in this promotion is deemed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. All participants are required to meet the entry criteria outlined in Terms and Conditions.  The Promotion is open to those aged over 18 years and living in Australia.  To participate eligible individuals must claim their promotion giveaway pack within 30days of the promotion closing time and date unless otherwise agreed upon between the recipient and promotor. The Promotion giveaway

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From the ashes, bonds are forged

I’ve been quiet across social media platforms during the Christmas and holiday period as I’ve felt saddened by the state that this beautiful country is in, I hope you’ll forgive me. During this time, I noticed myself withdrawing from general day to day activities.  This most certainly hindered my ability to engage and interact with people I care about.  It left me feeling overwhelmed and confused on what I could do and how I could help. What I continued to notice from this withdrawal was a feeling of disconnection, isolation and hopelessness. It was an uncomfortable experience and one I’d

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Like a puzzle, personal growth isn’t complete without all the pieces.  Each program in the ‘thrive’ series is specifically designed to step you through each core element that are key to living a meaningful life; where you’ve come from and how it influenced you, core principals and finally genuine and authentic representation of who you are. A final component to the series is to support the practical application of the previous two programs through: – •           Language •           Communication •           Identification of unhelpful behaviours •           Learn techniques to develop new behaviours •           Facial analysis •           Postural analysis •           Strategies Communication



This program builds upon the fundamental framework established in program 1 and is specifically designed to guide you towards the person you want to be.  Simple? Hardly, if it was everyone would be doing it. Areas relating to complex thought patterns and difficult emotions will be addressed in a fun and engaging way.  Discovering personal blocks helps lead the way towards overcoming hopelessness, worthlessness, lethargy, conflict, criticism, shame & guilt. There’s not a person I’ve met who ‘has it all together’.  Join me and other women who want to enhance the quality of their life. Wangaratta Barr Reserve Sunday 16th


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