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WARNING – Contagious

Mood-Flu No, this isn’t about a contagious illness but you can catch it quicker than a cold. Its the ‘Mood Flu’. I’m referring to how one bad mood can infect everyone in its path just like a small atomic bomb flattening everything within its radius. It’s like you have no control or will power to fight it and without warning (seemingly) it consumes you. When you’re infected you can feel irritable, moody and impatient (just like the real thing) showing most if not all of the signs and symptoms. I have experienced this from both side of the fence, and […]

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Zest for life drives natural awareness

Zest for life drives natural awareness   What’s your job? As a Kinesiologist, I strive to provide excellence in personalised health care uniquely tailored to each individual, to develop and build a culture which reflects a mindset that health is optimal – physical, emotional, psychological and social well-being. What brought you to this role? A passion to discover underlying causes to health problems.   What do you love about your job? The personal connection with each individual, their unique qualities and working with them to support them achieving their goals and the joy I feel witnessing their successes.   What

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Your Kinesiology Appointment – What to Expect

A full 90 minutes is dedicated to you,  in your first Essential Difference Kinesiology consultation.  I feel this is absolutely necessary to discuss ‘why you are here’ and ‘what outcomes you require’. This time and space is about you. Listening to you, identifying key triggers, setting goals and direction that helps you strive towards and achieve your goals!   Feel comfortable knowing this health care system is conducted fully clothed and performed sitting, standing or laying on a massage table.  This is when we integrate our discussions with techniques tailored to you.  In this time frame a variety of techniques are

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