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Survival in a Modern World

We are hardwired to protect ourselves.  Our survival depends on our ability to fight off ‘real’ dangers or ‘run’ if need be from an immediate crisis. Well that’s how it worked in the past because our life did depend on it! This hardwiring is better known as ‘fight/flight’.  And whilst the dangers look different, the response, it’s probably safe to say, it has gotten worse! These days we live in a world with ‘information overload’ and, as a result, our primal ‘flight/flight’ gets constantly activated!  (This system hasn’t changed with evolution – unfortunately) It is the initial stress indicators that […]

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Health Journal – updated 2015/2016

The original idea that a health journal would act as a supportive measure to clients to:- Get your copy! Record appointments Note changes and developments in health Act as a health diary to jot down notes Record take home material Write questions; has served clients well, very well in fact. Health fluctuates and the health journal acts as a guide for clients to notate their health concerns, while detailing improvements to ongoing health. Old Journals If you possess one of the original Journals all benefits presently established will remain the same until the Journal is used at which point will

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April 2015 Newsletter – The Skin Connection

The Skin Connection Your skin is a remarkable self-renewing organ measuring up to 2 square metres in diameter and is part of a system which incorporates hair, nails and glands. Due to its connections with the internal body it can indicate when things are out of whack.  In fact, if your skin is suffering on some level then perhaps your internal body is also. Our physical body responds to stressors and those stressors could be anything in your environment that puts your body as a whole under pressure. Simply put; your thoughts affect how you feel and your emotions affect

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Essential Health Journal

2014 is starting with a fresh addition.  An idea in the making for over 9 months.  Introducing the new Personalised Essential Health Journal with continuous discounts and big value, all stored in a compact, easy access portable ‘all in one’ journal. With this ‘Essential Health Journal’ you earn points every appointment you attend.  These points can be  redeemed at each visit or accumulated.  I love referrals too, so to thankyou for referring me on to others you can also earn additional bonus points per referral that book and attend.  And off course all these points equate to significant discounts! This Journal is

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