Learning and Behavioural Difficulties

Do you know yourself?

Investing in you may be the most valuable gift you can give yourself. Personal development is delving into an inner world that is full of surprises, intriguing, and unpredictable but surprisingly familiar. Looking into oneself should be seen as a positive action or process that may offer new understandings of self, personal challenges and expose the unknown.  But typically we are not comfortable with vulnerability and will avoid discomfort at any cost. This type of experience is shared by many clients and they express to me the incredible toll it takes upon their health and wellbeing, both short term and long […]

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Making a Difference WOMEN’S HEALTH RETREAT 15th – 17th September 2017 Mt Ophir Estate Rutherglen, Victoria Essential Difference Retreats offer professional, insightful and holistic personal development programs for women of all ages. This Women’s Health Retreat is a weekend getaway where you can: • Separate from life’s routine • Connect with other women • Develop a deeper understanding of who you are and why you may experience challenges the way you do Programed specifically for personal development and will cover topics such as: • Self-talk • Values & beliefs • Motivation • Language & communication style • Behavioural patterns; and •


BLOSSOM and THRIVE (School Holiday Program)

BLOSSOM and THRIVE JULY SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROGRAM Girls 9 to 13 years     Concerned about your daughters wellbeing? Want her to have confidence, self-belief and motivation? This personalised group session is specifically designed to help your growing adolescent realise her self-worth. In this 4 hour fun workshop, Kinesiologist, Rosetta Holmes will explore what it means for your daughter to be herself from the inside out. 30th June 2016 9am to 1pm (Morning Tea provided) 7th July 2016 9am to 1pm (Morning Tea provided) All materials supplied Cost: $90.00 Deposit of $50.00 to be paid upon booking. Spaces limited. Contact

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Let Them Play!

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS Let Them Play School holidays are fast approaching. It is a much needed break for developing brains to organise and process information gathered over the term, regenerate and prepare for the next term of learning. While it is nice to ‘chill out’, I urge you to resist the temptation to allow your child or children to sit for 2 hours or more playing some form of electronic game/device per day for the perceived ease of it. As a parent I understand at times it is convenient to allow this to occur; however, laying down foundations for future growth

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Brain Development

VIP Milestones for INFANTS and CHILDREN   LET THEM PLAY Laying Foundations   Reaching milestones correctly is important for long term co-ordination, mental focus, comprehension, learning abilities and social integration.  Join me and learn how to assist your child to reach these milestones and what the significance of these are. Kids are welcome.   Monday 22nd September @ 12noon or 4pm Places are limited – Bookings are essential! See www.nenaturalhealthcentre.com for seminar information. Your cost is $20.00 per session 20 Ely Street, Wangaratta. Call Ashton or Heather on (03) 57215886 to book.

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