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Kinesiology is a useful tool that can help manage the effects of stress, emotional overwhelm, and anxiety in a natural and holistic way. By tapping into your body’s energy systems and particularly the nervous system, kinesiology can help diffuse tension, calm the mind, and improve your overall health and well-being.

Most people report feeling more relaxed, centred, and grounded after a kinesiology session. While everyone’s experience is different, you can feel more in tune with your body and more aware of your state of being. Kinesiology can be a wonderful way to help you feel more connected to yourself.

It is really important to me as a practitioner, to create a space where you feel safe enough to unpack your concerns. To shed some light on those areas of your life that are causing disharmony, unease, and discomfort. We will work together as a team to identify underlying causes that contribute to that state of disharmony. From there, we will then create a personalised plan for restoring balance and reducing the effects of anxiety and stress.

Kinesiology can be incredibly helpful for addressing anxiety. By taking a holistic approach, utilising your body’s innate wisdom, and applying a variety of techniques, Kinesiology helps to diffuse and release physical tension, clear the mind, and improve your overall sense of well-being. Techniques like emotional stress release (ESR) and a technique called ‘switching’ or ‘brain buttons’, can be particularly effective for reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation.

Most people have reported experiencing a quieter mind with less noise and find an internal calmness, even during times of stress.

There are many Kinesiology techniques that are helpful in addressing this common experience. Identifying any contributing factors, and diffusing the stress associated with those factors can help clear your mind and improve mental clarity.

Stress is an interesting experience described differently from person to person. One aspect that most people have in common is the physical tension they experience and the decreased capacity to manage everyday life well. Kinesiology is a holistic modality that addresses the ‘whole’ body.

ESR is a kinesiology technique that helps release stored emotional stress in your mind and body. It involves gently holding specific acupressure points while focusing on a particular stressor. ESR can be a highly effective way to release emotional tension and promote relaxation.

Yes, kinesiology can be incredibly beneficial for mental health. By addressing stressors, kinesiology can help you release tension, promote relaxation, and restore balance. It can be especially helpful for managing anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions. It’s important to note that kinesiology should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care for mental health disorders. It can be used as a complementary approach alongside medical treatment.

The number of kinesiology sessions needed to see a reduction in stress and anxiety levels will vary depending on your needs. Some people may see a reduction in stress and anxiety after just one session, while others may need several sessions to experience significant improvement. Together we create a personalised treatment plan that meets your individual needs.

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