February 2014 Newsletter



As some of you may know I am fairly ‘headstrong’ though at times lack the resources to drive my ideas all the way.  Maybe you can relate?

Early 2013 I decided with some friendly advice to branch out (swift kick up my backside, thank you Kay Fredericks), and extend my practice into Wangaratta.  After all, I did spend several of my teenage and young adulthood years in Wangaratta so I thought, yeah, I can do that, and what an adventure it will be.

After a day or so, I started to think…how will I find a place to rent? What if it doesn’t work?  How quickly these negative thoughts can control our actions. It sucks really, doesn’t it, you know what I mean, right?  So once I got a grip, focused and really gave my idea body, I regained my inspiration and got to work. And the Wangaratta clinic was birthed.

As a youngster I was always referred to as ‘stubborn’. Can you imagine? I decided that stubborn reflected a ‘rigid’ type of personality, so I changed it to ‘determined’, yes that sounds much better. I describe myself as honourable, loyal, determined, reliable, inspiring, passionate, understanding with values, beliefs and integrity!  Reflecting on my own personality I came to a realisation that made me think about what it is that I give to the world?  What do I give to the world to assist in making it a magnificent place to be, whether through clinic, home, social or personal life?

This got me thinking, even though I provide a service to the community, is that the best that I can do?  Last year, yes it was, but for this year I am seeing another idea to fruition.

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Special thanks to both Donna and Ruth for your inspiration and support!



How much do you know about SCHOOL YARD BULLYING?

Kinesiology can help overcome bullying - teenagers
photo credit: Inf-Lite Teacher via photopin cc

It’s the beginning of another school year and thought it timely to share some information about bullying as it has been a ‘hot topic’ in recent times.

Have you been a victim to bullying?  Do you know someone who has?  The answer to these questions generally are ‘yes’. The statistics may shock you!

Do you know what to look out for?

Follow this link to read more…. https://essentialdifference.com.au/school-yard-bullying/

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School Yard Bullying!

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