Fire, Passion and Willpower

A determinate factor and key component to moving oneself from one state towards another that is authentic, genuine, real, and true, is having the ‘awareness’ of why. What is that ‘stuff’ deep within our hearts that propel us to act?

“The starting point of all achievement is desire” Napoleon Hill

The driving force that creates change is referred to by many names, some might refer to this driving force as willpower, desire, determination, essence, purpose, fire, and passion. There is an internal space that is hard to define. One thing is for sure ‘we’ the people can’t agree on what to call it. Perhaps, however we can all agree this internal space fuels a process that motivates a course of action by providing, the momentum to navigate the path, and the personal discipline to make it happen with an intention to resist distraction and temptation from veering off course.

To act deliberately and on purpose from a space of deep desire, fire, and passion, harnessing the ‘awareness’ and ‘authenticity’, aids in the process of constructive long-lasting desirable change. The will to create change in the hope that tomorrow is better than today.

However, the reality of life teaches us there will be moments where the inner drive to create something different, dissolves into nothingness and in the absence of action leaves an uncomfortable residue. Life is not without pain and discomfort and to live life is to know pain and to know love and all the many emotions that bring the colour to life.

“The willingness to show up changes us, It makes us a little braver each time” Brene Brown

No one state, emotion or thought yields its power without the aid of others. To stay true to one’s own conviction and intentionally live a purposeful life is to know what drives you, how your behaviours either supports or refutes that inner process and the will to navigate the adventure we know to be called life and to do it anyway and hope it satisfies the soul.

‘Will’ gently takes ‘awareness’ by the hand and whispers ‘do you trust me’. It is the awareness of preparedness to take a risk inspite of fear, and the ‘will’ to act with intention for a greater purpose.

“Indeed, the best way to think of willpower is not as some shapeless behavioral trait but as a sort of psychic muscle, one that can atrophy or grow stronger depending on how it’s used” Jeffrey Kluger

Within there you will find the qualities you have called upon to support you through times of adversity and it is these same qualities that help to guide you in expanding. Expanding your mindset, your skills, your perception of yourself and those around you, your capacity, your emotional intelligence, your heart. We are feeling beings who think then act rather than think, act, and feel. Harness the power that resides within you.

“The willingness to consider possibility requires a tolerance of uncertainty” Rachel Naomi Remen

Rosetta x

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