MIDyear S.T.O.C.K.T.A.K.E

Photo by Becca McHaffie on Unsplash

The lure of a clothing bargain is so tempting and whether I need it or not, every new item adds a little more pressure to my bulging wardrobe.  Some of these purchases are not worn and conceal the items I love to wear.  Maybe you can relate?

This got me thinking.  It seems relatively easy to clean out the wardrobe so why is it so difficult to clear out unhelpful ways of thinking and feeling?  I guess because it’s somewhat more painful than cleaning out a wardrobe.  Being caught in an emotional shit storm or stuck in a mental war zone is painful, very painful.  Often at great cost.    

With every passing year I believe I gain just a little more wisdom.  Things that bothered me in my earlier years don’t have the same effect these days.  I owe it to a decision I made a long time ago; that my emotional and psychological health is important to me.  I personally understand how scary it can be to look inward and admit that perfection is a myth. 

It’s like looking at your bulging wardrobe and ignoring it for as long as possible or deciding what’s important, making some adjustments and creating room for helpful ways of living your life that means something to you.  Now that’s freedom.

As a Kinesiologist, I support, encourage and teach others to live life in a way that means something to them.  This takes place during one on one sessions or in group programs.  The changes I’ve witnessed are profound.  Contact essentialdifference@gmail.com or (03) 57229216 for an appointment.

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