Peace at heart

Every year it seems that life just gets a little busier and every year I find I appreciate the importance of ‘re-charging’ a little more. Is it coincidence? Intuitively I know how important it is. All the science agrees, yet why do so many of us find it so hard to fit in valuable ‘re-charge’ time?

A picturesque spot at Kiama
Oh, the serenity

I was reminded of the importance of ‘re-charging the batteries’ recently when my family and I visited the tranquil coastal town of Kiama. Time melted away as I was mesmerised by the rolling ocean waves and while walking in nature.  My senses were alive; feeling the ocean breeze dance across my skin, listening as the waves crashed on the shore and tasting the salt in the air.  I’m sure you can relate to life’s simple pleasures.

The challenge?  How do you build in regular ‘re-charge’ time?  A helpful technique I’ve discovered is self-regulation, a mindfulness technique. I observe my thoughts, behaviour, experiences and environment daily, taking a moment away from being involved and noticing it like someone else watching. Such as:

  • Breath tracing. A useful technique that can be used discretely anytime and anywhere.  Helpful in time of overwhelm, anxiety, confusion and has been known to assist with insomnia among other conditions.
  • Deliberate observation of your immediate landscape; like the sunrise or sunset, swaying branches in the breeze or clouds floating in the sky.  This practise helps to anchor you in the present moment.
  • Focused attention on chewing food e.g. flavour & texture. Paying attention in this way helps the body ‘rest & digest’ supporting healthy digestion.

These techniques and others are aspects I work with on a one on one basis.  While one on one consults are popular, participating in group programs are a lovely way to share the journey with friends with lots of laughs, games and activities along the way.  Contact essentialdifference@gmail.com or (03) 57229216 for an appointment.

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