During our lifetime Values, Qualities and Characteristics develop.  The choices you make and the lifestyle you live reinforce them.

Below is a list of some of these VQC’s you can select from or you can simply add your own.  Once selected the aim is to deliberately focus your attention on the chosen VQC and incorporate them into your daily life for a set period of time.

All sources of information received from your experiences including emotions, behaviours and thoughts collectively strengthen your brains neoplastic structure and function.

You may find that intentionally focusing your attention and behaviour challenging to begin with however with repetition it will become easier and easier.

This activity forms part of a free program including support and strategies.  Follow this link.


Integrity Respect Flexibility
Ethics Excellence Competent
Honesty/Truthful Achievement Credible
Trust Leadership Considerate
Dignity Collaboration Understanding
Accountability Enthusiasm Compassion
Commitment Humour Sensitive
Responsibility Tenacity Objective
Congruent Genuine Curious/Interested
Warm/Kind/Friendly Supportive Tolerant
Encouraging Available Loyal
Honour Reliable/Dependable Thoughtful/Wise
Appreciative Forgiving Grateful
Patient Co-operative Love
Courageous Observant Empathetic
Diligent Optimistic Relaxed
Romantic Punctual Gracious
Confident Outgoing Self-Sufficient/Self-Reliant
Calm Tidy/Clean/Neat Proficient
Content Proud Education/Knowledge
Peace Recognition Authenticity
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