What do you believe?

Are you one of the many (like I was) who could do it all – without help?  I remember feeling isolated and alone and it was all at my own doing! Yes you read it right – ‘at my own doing’.  My stress levels increased so dramatically that I ‘shut off from the world’.  Looking in through the eyes of my family I was “always angry or sad” and my children would say “mum, you never smile anymore”. Through personal development and Kinesiology I discovered I had a belief that “I was supposed to do it all”.  That being a mum, wife and friend also included that ‘I’ was the one who offered the help, solved the problems, picked up the pieces and glued them back together again.  Not to mention all the other jobs that being a mum and wife includes such as cook, taxi, maid, gardener, cleaner (you get the picture) while somehow still maintaining an intimate relationship with my husband! Wow – I was a Super Human!To function optimally I needed all of my cylinders running at their best and co-ordinating as a team.  Now let’s face it, we don’t always run all cylinders in perfect harmony and that’s okay!  However, I realised this belief of mine, this system, was NOT serving me very well at all!  I decided my choices, actions and behaviours had to change!

Confronting as it was, I began to explore the notion of help and my engagement or reaction to allowing myself to be helped.  I made a commitment to myself that when help was offered I would take a moment to honestly consider it rather than the all too familiar ‘no its okay – thanks anyway’, and then accept it gratefully.  My world started to change………

In time I was able to ‘ask’ for help not just wait for it to be offered then get disappointed if no one could see that I needed help.  Whether the answer was ‘yes’ or ‘no’ was irrelevant.  You see, it has nothing to do with the answer or the courage to ask (even though it helps) rather the underlying belief that creates the result in the first place.

Beliefs are those internal rules that have been shaped by Easter Camping 2014 051your environment at some stage and become so ingrained that it affects your everyday life.  The funny thing is that this belief may have been relevant at some stage however if you find yourself feeling down, overwhelmed, sad, frustrated, alone, despondent, angry or upset as a result of the actions taken from that belief, then it serves you in a negative way not a positive way.  If you remain in that cycle physical signs and symptoms can soon follow….for example headaches, restlessness, impatience, outbursts of anger, crying without reason because the needs of the most important person are being ignored – yours!  The most important member of your team is YOU!

So what comes first?  Well, it would be difficult to change something if you’re not aware of it!  So recognising that you feel like you do when a particular situation or conversation occurs is important.  Generally that feeling is a ‘stress’ type feeling.  If it happens over and over and over again becoming a ‘pattern’ and you don’t like the way it makes you feel or how you respond – you have a choice, either remain the way it is or change it.  Even doing nothing is a choice.  Changing behaviours and thought patterns that have existed for lengths of time, takes dedication and support to change.  However I’d like to acknowledge again that the stress you and your body feel worsens over time and has the potential to turn into emotional and physical symptoms that become more noticeable and you may be faced with the need to take more significant action at a later stage.

Stress triggers the release of hormones and there are a variety of hormones that contribute to the way the body responds to stress.  However the major ones are Adrenaline, Norepinephrine and Cortisol.  These stress hormones make you feel awake, alert or ‘alive’.  That’s because the body is in a fight or flight position.  You may recognise that when you feel stressed your body responds with tight or tense muscles, your breathing becomes shallow and you feel your heart rate increase.  You may also feel like there is a sense of urgency.  This response is all well and good if you need to act to stay alive however I am seeing more and more clients in ‘adrenal overdrive’ due to the long term ‘stewing or procrastination’ process of issues/problems they face on a regular basis.  As a result the body is continually releasing stress hormones that suppress areas of the body that are not required for a fight or flight response such as a suppressed immune system, digestion and libido.

Using Kinesiology techniques I am able to identify areas of stress in the body and work with you to regain balance and alignment which, in part, educates you to observe and understand your body’s responses and apply techniques when needed – all the while taking positive action towards a happy healthy you!

So ask yourself, “Is it repetitive?”Easter Camping 2014 007

“Does it affect how you function?”

“Do you end up yelling, feeling frustrated, annoyed or angry?”

“Do you want it to change?

If the answer to all these questions is ‘yes’ then you have probably come to this point many times before.  My question to you is “how many times will it take before you do something about it?”

Recognition is difficult and making a change can be even harder however the results are liberating! This is where having the right support around you can make all the difference. So call and have a chat and let’s begin tailoring the support you need to achieve the change!



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