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Health Journal – updated 2015/2016

The original idea that a health journal would act as a supportive measure to clients to:- Get your copy! Record appointments Note changes and developments in health Act as a health diary to jot down notes Record take home material Write questions; has served clients well, very well in fact. Health fluctuates and the health journal acts as a guide for clients to notate their health concerns, while detailing improvements to ongoing health. Old Journals If you possess one of the original Journals all benefits presently established will remain the same until the Journal is used at which point will […]

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February 2014 Newsletter

PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE  LOOKING BACK As some of you may know I am fairly ‘headstrong’ though at times lack the resources to drive my ideas all the way.  Maybe you can relate? Early 2013 I decided with some friendly advice to branch out (swift kick up my backside, thank you Kay Fredericks), and extend my practice into Wangaratta.  After all, I did spend several of my teenage and young adulthood years in Wangaratta so I thought, yeah, I can do that, and what an adventure it will be. After a day or so, I started to think…how will I find

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