About Rosetta - Essential Difference Kinesiology

Why Kinesiology?

Why did I study Kinesiology over any other modality?

About Rosetta - Essential Difference KinesiologyWell Kinesiology was congruent with my experiences, observations and pretty much my life journey….

From the age of around 12 or 13 I walked the path of confusion, diversion, frustration feeling lost, alone, resentful, angry believing that there was no one that I could talk too who would understand, until early 20’s -perhaps a lot of teenagers go through this very same ‘developing’ period. I have been evolving ever since then from that ‘depressive’ time! However from adversity comes triumph right – so it is said.

Essential Difference Why KinesiologyTurning back the clock…..

I remember when I was 10 our family weatherboard home burnt to the ground during the night – we got out with our pyjamas on – all five of us! Being the tender age of 10 what I saw and felt told me that everything I thought that was ‘important’ just disappeared in a ball of fire! From then on we lived in the shed, slept on mattresses on the concrete shed floor for many, many months until we were able to build a house.

Essential Difference Why KinesiologyPerception Is Everything

What I learnt from my experiences, not just this one, was that my perception plays a significant role in how I live my life. And that my gratitude towards all things (and sometimes that is difficult) changes how I feel about life. So when I learned about Kinesiology it felt comfortable ‘like a glove’ that it was meant to be. I am sure you can relate when I say ‘meant to be’ – some things happen in life that you just can’t explain but you know that it is right.

Similarly when I carried each of our three beautiful children, before they were born, somehow I knew their gender, hair colour, eye colour and whether they were going to be born on due date. Now I know that sounds farfetched and my husband thought the very same thing, until our 3rd child was born and three times in a row evidence matched description. Can I explain this? No not really – only that the more you know yourself the more at peace you will be.

Essential Difference Why KinesiologyTiming is Perfection

Kinesiology entered my path at the most opportune time. I was experimenting with changes in my diet to observe how my whole body reacted. I also recognised that I was unhappy with my parenting skills. And the subjects offered in the Diploma covered nutrition, herbs, emotions, metaphors, adversity, thought patterns, facial expressions, body movement, brain integration, anatomy and physiology of the human body, meridians and acupressure points based on Chinese Philosophy and much, much more. Needless to say ‘I was hooked’.

I have always had a love of supporting others even when they didn’t want it and so from this I learned that I received greater joy from supporting others when they also wanted to be supported! We are given ‘one body to live with’ and it is a real pleasure and joy to use the skills I have personally and professionally gathered over my life time so far to improve and inspire others to achieve their potential. xo

I believe the greatest achievement of life is to grow old experiencing the most of life (whatever this means for each person)

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