Like a puzzle, personal growth isn’t complete without all the pieces. 

Each program in the ‘thrive’ series is specifically designed to step you through each core element that are key to living a meaningful life; where you’ve come from and how it influenced you, core principals and finally genuine and authentic representation of who you are.

A final component to the series is to support the practical application of the previous two programs through: –

•           Language

•           Communication

•           Identification of unhelpful behaviours

•           Learn techniques to develop new behaviours

•           Facial analysis

•           Postural analysis

•           Strategies

Communication is a complex process that provides the means to articulate, display and ultimately define an individual’s congruent principles.

Packed with content and practical activities that will draw a smile and generate laughter, this is not to be missed.

Wangaratta Barr Reserve

Date yet to be set

All materials supplied

$120 per person

Book your spot early because this program will be capped.  Contact me on essentialdifference@gmail.co or message on 0418969762.

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