Your Kinesiology Appointment – What to Expect

Essential Difference Kinesiology ConsultationsA full 90 minutes is dedicated to you,  in your first Essential Difference Kinesiology consultation.  I feel this is absolutely necessary to discuss ‘why you are here’ and ‘what outcomes you require’.

This time and space is about you.

Listening to you, identifying key triggers, setting goals and direction that helps you strive towards and achieve your goals!


Celebrate Life this ChristmasFeel comfortable knowing this health care system is conducted fully clothed and performed sitting, standing or laying on a massage table.  This is when we integrate our discussions with techniques tailored to you.  In this time frame a variety of techniques are used that reflect your needs.

As I am an educator I believe educating you regarding your health and wellbeing through each session, providing you with the knowledge and power in achieving your potential.


It doesn’t finish here……with your permission I will keep contact with you either by email or phone to continue that support – an opportunity to ask questions and review progress.


Visit the About Page on this website to find out more about me.  You can discover more about Kinesiology by taking some time to read the Kinesiology Explained page and finally, visit my Facebook Page and please, say hello, ask any questions and LIKE the page if you do!

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