Zest for life drives natural awareness

Zest for life drives natural awareness

Zest for life drives natural awareness
Zest for life drives natural awareness


What’s your job?

As a Kinesiologist, I strive to provide excellence in personalised health care uniquely tailored to each individual, to develop and build a culture which reflects a mindset that health is optimal – physical, emotional, psychological and social well-being.

What brought you to this role?

A passion to discover underlying causes to health problems.


What do you love about your job?

The personal connection with each individual, their unique qualities and working with them to support them achieving their goals and the joy I feel witnessing their successes.


What do you do in the community?

When the children were younger I was heavily involved in their educational institutions either as Representative, Vice-President, President or other roles in various voluntary community committees – playgroup, toy-library, kindergarten, Primary School and/or sporting groups. Currently I contribute to the clinics ‘Share Table’ and ‘Vegetable Garden’.  Funds collected from these programs are donated to the Shinning Future Foundation whereby a small group of boys in Nepal are financially supported in their education.  I also run health related workshops and support our children’s schooling facilities and their sporting groups.

What’s the most important current community issue for you?

That extensive research on the most appropriate Rutherglen Bypass route is conducted, taking into account wildlife habitat, replacement of natural vegetation and community inclusion.

What would you do to solve, change or improve that situation?

This issue is a difficult one to resolve. Perhaps a variety of independent evaluators who collect data and report on local wildlife species and habitats, resident locations and degree of disturbance along suggested routes, and the community voice as a whole.

What’s the most important current world issue for you?

To maintain the integrity of the environment and protect the delicate balance, to resist entering into world heritage areas for seemingly short-term gratification and honour the privilege of living on this magnificent planet, and safeguard its health.

If the person you’d most like to meet came to Indigo, or was already here, who would that be and what would you show them?

I would take a long walk again with my mother-in-law Betty Holmes, through the Mt Pilot National Park, including Woolshed Falls and the magnificent box-ironbark forest.

Why would you show her that?

She loved these areas dearly. I would like her to see how these areas have been retained as a natural environment for all to enjoy as they did when she was alive.  She valued, as I do, the beauty of our local natural areas.

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