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Holistic health care and psychosomatic counselling therapy to help you reach a higher state of being.

Welcome to a Brand New You

What I do and how I do my work is unique. I combine Kinesiology with Acceptance Commitment Therapy to tap into your subconscious and read your nervous system’s response to past memories (experiences) and present or perceived future stresses. 

The result is a process of healing and regeneration filled with compassion, care and connection. 

My Services

Since starting my business, I’ve seen an increase in the lack of compassionate healthcare options in our community. My aim is to bring meaningful care and connection to the table, resulting in a potential for a full, rich, and satisfying life.

1-On-1 Consultations

I combine Kinesiology (on the table) and Counselling as required to help you best develop psychological flexibility and emotional agility.

Online Workshops

Informative training sessions with Q&A, conducted via Zoom, that address important health and wellness topics to help you get on top of life.

Health Retreats

After a successful 2022 retreat, BeTreat 2023 is an opportunity for self-development with guest speakers, nourishing food, and an exclusive retreat located in a blissfully peaceful setting.

"Rosetta is kind and thoughtful. After 20 minutes of conversation she knew me better than I knew myself. She has helped me a lot the concern I initially presented with, but has also helped me to understand myself. Thank you Rosetta, you are amazing!"
Jo Gilmartin

I’m Rosetta Holmes.
I Help People Thrive in Body and Mind With Holistic Healthcare.

My mission is to educate, empower and inspire individuals to undertake a new approach to their health and personal care.

Using my unique background in Kinesiology channeled through consultations, workshops, and health retreats, I provide opportunities for self-development through professional, insightful, and holistic teachings applicable to women and men of all ages.

Since age 8, I’ve had a sense that there is so much more to our understanding and perception of health and the capacity of the human body.

Rosetta Holmes - Founder

Praise For My Work

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