Blossum into Spring

Blossom into Spring

Sensual September

9 September 2012 064

While the official timeline of spring has only just arrived the environment around my local area appears to have been celebrating in full swing for the last 2 weeks.  The glorious song of birds welcome each new day.  The visual splendour of new flowering arrivals and soft scents linger through the warming air; and new family arrivals are seen across plant and animal species alike.  Heck even the stock exchange marks spring with company dividends to shareholders!!

Human behaviour appears to adapt with environmental changes.  Each new season nurtures a change in thought, feeling and action and therefore results.  I am consistently seeing an increase in people searching for reasons why they feel the way they do; searching for answers and ways to shake of the old and to live more freely!

Is the evolution of human reflection evolving? 

It is interesting to think that we are in a constant ebb and flow of change in all aspects of self and the space in which we live.  The boundless triggers activate thoughts and actions which can act as a reminder to check-in with you and observe what is working for you and what isn’t.  We are in constant change as we evolve and adapt to the internal and external changes within ourselves, our living space, our environment, our community, our society and the earth in which we are only guardians of.

This Newsletter is brief but in no means short.  I invite you to reflect and check-in with yourself – are you successfully managing your intricate ebb and flow?



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