A Simplified Life

In the beginning it seems simple, uncomplicated as it often is, but not always, meaning that in the very beginning of life there are very few requirements to survive; food, water, shelter. To thrive, on the other hand, a few other ingredients are required. My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style. Maya Angelou Life sometimes becomes complicated. It’s like the biggest hamburger stack you’ve ever seen. One that has an extraordinary number of layers, perhaps for some, it’s difficult to see […]

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Women’s Personal Development Program

Women’s Personal Development Program Specifically developed for women who wish to create a balanced lifestyle, develop a deeper personal understanding of what’s important, why it’s important and how to work towards achieving it. Program covers language and communication, values and beliefs and identifying key life areas that may be impacting your general wellbeing. Designed by Rosetta Holmes, a qualified and experienced Kinesiologist.  The event includes:- • All materials • Tea/Coffee on arrival • Morning Tea • Nourishing Lunch This program is designed to challenge you. It is likely you will walk away from the event with an evolved perspective. Discover what lies beneath the surface. Secure your attendance either by: Get tickets North East Natural Health Centre (03) 5722 9216 Cost of the Program: $260 Early Bird Price $220 until 6th October 2017 Event held on Sunday 22nd October 2017 from 9 till 3 Wangaratta Gateway

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Survival in a Modern World

We are hardwired to protect ourselves.  Our survival depends on our ability to fight off ‘real’ dangers or ‘run’ if need be from an immediate crisis. Well that’s how it worked in the past because our life did depend on it! This hardwiring is better known as ‘fight/flight’.  And whilst the dangers look different, the response, it’s probably safe to say, it has gotten worse! These days we live in a world with ‘information overload’ and, as a result, our primal ‘flight/flight’ gets constantly activated!  (This system hasn’t changed with evolution – unfortunately) It is the initial stress indicators that

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December 2013 |Newsletter

SOUL FOOD “The lead up to Christmas begins well before December.  The ‘whirlwind’ of thoughts begin…for some, it could be related to preparing for travel over the holiday period, maybe you’re hosting Christmas at your own home, perhaps you are working or volunteering during this busy time.  The question of ‘what do I need to do’ to prepare for this time of year is the initial thought to the borage of ‘to do’ lists”. If we look at ‘reverse planning’ from Christmas to the present moment we can often create easy and effective tools and strategies to support the process and even

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