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For the past 7 months I have had the pleasure of being part of the beautiful team at HealYou Holistic Centre in Rowan Street, Wangaratta.

As I continue to evolve my life’s story a new chapter is unfolding!

The 1st of April 2014 brings the beginning of that new chapter and I am very excited to share with you my move to join the team of vibrant health practitioners at North East Natural Health Centre in Ely Street, Wangaratta.

For those of you that visit me in Barnawartha have comfort knowing that I am available on Wednesday’s for consultations.  From the 1st of April days and times are as follows:-

The JoyBus Café | 23 High Street, Barnawartha | 0418969762 | Wed 9-3

N/E Natural Health Centre | 20 Ely Street, Wangaratta | (03)57215886 | Tue & Thurs 9-3

Thankyou to every one of you who have been part of my journey past and present and to those of you I haven’t yet met! 🙂  My dearest thanks to you Trisha for your support over the last 7 months.


Autumn in the Air

Autumn is the season of change….. and change is everywhere!  But more specifically how do you adapt to change?  I know it has definitely been a challenging aspect of my life being a Taurus, I find if I am the one making the changes I am okay with it, if not, well that is a whole other story!  There are many of us that enjoy ‘just the way things are’ – aka, ‘same same’.  Truth is even if you stand still there is always constant change occurring in and around you.  The only constant is change!  I know it is so very easy to say and something completely different in action – the trick is to observe when you feel conflict or resistance to change and reflect, have a look at what your body is telling you and delve into why?

In North East Victoria, Australia the weather has graciously delivered rain and by default it is easy to withdraw to the indoors and overlook the value, getting outside gives.  Regardless of where you live, if you can, head outside even if it is only for a few minutes.  It takes commitment to succeed in most things and this is no different.  If you can, go for a short walk around the garden, down the road or around the block.  Be mindfully present when you are outside, focus on your breath as this will help calm your nervous system and promote clarity.  Physically touch vegetation to rid yourself of the ‘buzz’ some of you feel when you have spent hours on a computer, phone or ipad etc.  Remember presence, not the past, not the future – just where you are right now!

Until next time……be amazing!! xo



Colour of Autumn in Food

Recently I have been roasting a glorious variety of beautiful vegetables.  Such as sweetRoast Vegetables potato, carrot, leek, onion, garlic, pumpkin, button squash, potato and pine nuts smothered in rich olive oil (even though it increases the calorie count I just love Olive Oil), herbs from the garden and Himalayan salt – the aroma is delectable!! With a  reduced sauce of Balsamic Vinegar and Brown Sugar drizzled over the caramelised vegetables is just mouth watering.  Roasting intensifies the beautiful sweetness of vegetables.  This is amazing hot or cold and if you eat it cold toss it with baby spinach leaves or rocket and wallah you have a nourishing colourful flavour filled dish!




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