BeTREAT: Daylesford 2022

A Nourishing Journey of the Self

Recently I facilitated BeTREAT, a 3-day personal development program situated in the beautiful Daylesford valley in country Victoria. The program offered participants a mini holiday to create an enjoyable, supportive space where each person was welcomed just as they were. Focusing on the acceptance of oneself, with an overall intention to naturally flow with any unfolding desires for personal transformation.

A key element to the overall joy of running this event was providing flexibility to adapt the program as needed. Each participant brought such depth, richness, and their own journey to work with, and each person was, therefore, able to embrace their experience for what it was and what they felt driven to explore. While a multitude of personal growth areas was covered in this program, I found consistent room for improvisation, flowing with the individual needs of each retreat participant so that each person’s journey was uniquely nurtured. And while the participant’s needs were being cultivated, we were nourished with personally catered meals, a divine experience for everyone!

During the three days, a gently unassuming mindset was adopted by everyone; collectively, we emanated an ‘expect nothing and accept everything’ attitude, knowing that flexibility would empower a unified group. Through our cohesive existence as one whole group, embracing each other’s individuality, each participant flowed beautifully throughout the program’s comprehensive course contents.

Creating a ‘capsule’ was a wholesome core ingredient of this program’s course. I will share more about the purpose and process of creating a capsule in a later blog. However, for now, I have deep gratitude for one thing: hearing participants express how safe they felt on the very first day reinforced the importance of creating a capsule within such programs.

These underlying key components nurtured the ebb and flow of the BeTREAT program. And as a result, a natural ease with each other made way for healing. Each participant ventured through their own process at their own pace in their own way, opening their hearts, mind and soul, an endearing healing process to witness.

Thank you to all who attended.

Rosetta x

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