From what I hear in my community, most people describe every day as ‘busy’, accompanied by a heavy sigh. It’s a fair expression of our current lives, and I wonder if there is a space where a complete absence of chaos exists. Is ‘busy’ the relatable conversation starter of the ‘chaotic’ norm? The familiar feelings of pressure and overwhelm. Are we expecting ourselves to accept this as the new reality and live accordingly regardless of the cost to our health and wellbeing? What are your thoughts?

“It comes the very moment you wake up each morning. All your wishes and hopes for the day rush at you like wild animals. And the first job each morning consists simply in shoving them all back; in listening to that other voice, taking that other point of view, letting that other larger, stronger, quieter life come flowing in. And so on, all day. Standing back from all your natural fussings and frettings, coming in out of the wind.”

C.S. Lewis

Whether busy, chaotic, pressured or overwhelmed, the energy around these states of holding a particular frequency leaves people with a challenging vibration to align with. People often find difficulty in explaining how these states feel, although most will be able to clarify that these states don’t feel good, while others feel unsettled and uncomfortable. Either way, living with busyness, pressure and overwhelm, for example, is destructive and litters life with emotional debris.

“Pressure comes from within and so must be mastered from within.”

Ed Jacoby.

I, too, have experienced chaos. I have also experienced peace amidst the chaos as if I were standing in the eye of the storm. Serene, calm and peaceful, though fleeting. These incredible experiences where everything becomes crystal clear feels all empowering, and it is when I also experience life in the slower, more peaceful lane.

In reflection, one of my first experiences was a moment in time when I surrendered to all things; I smiled and appreciated that the only thing which truly mattered was that very moment. I laughed aloud at how simple it was to achieve calm in the chaos – to transform chaos into peacefulness. I was in awe of the blissfulness to surrender. This experience shifted my consciousness towards a new direction of awareness.

“When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see the real you, or what you have been conditioned to believe is you? The two are so, so different. One is an infinite consciousness capable of being and creating whatever it chooses, the other is an illusion imprisoned by its own perceived and programmed limitations.”

David Icke

As a result, I acknowledge this surrendering space or calming place is available to everyone. Equally, the energy that is ‘busy’ and ‘chaotic’ will continue to exist with or without human presence. Navigating the experience is just as much a practical application as it is a state of being, by having insight and continually working on developing one’s awareness. We always have a choice; to go with the current, fight against it or sit on the banks and watch it.

“Your soul – that quiet inner space – is yours to consult.

It will always guide you in the right direction.” Wayne Dyer.

Exploring one’s life can reveal many profound insights, for there is richness in life’s knowledge. But what is knowledge without the tools to manage the unfamiliar or uncomfortable? Noticing is a marvelous life tool. When we use it to identify the dynamics of one’s journey, experiences, and subsequent interrelationships, one’s ability to self-manage overwhelm, pressure, chaos and busyness can feel deeply empowering.

Let this be your guide to step into the inner peace that is waiting for you to arrive.

“Every breath we take, every step we make, can be filled with peace, joy and serenity.”

Thich Nhat Hanh.

Rosetta x

If you need support transforming chaos into peacefulness, please get in touch.

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