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Zest for life drives natural awareness

Zest for life drives natural awareness   What’s your job? As a Kinesiologist, I strive to provide excellence in personalised health care uniquely tailored to each individual, to develop and build a culture which reflects a mindset that health is optimal – physical, emotional, psychological and social well-being. What brought you to this role? A passion to discover underlying causes to health problems.   What do you love about your job? The personal connection with each individual, their unique qualities and working with them to support them achieving their goals and the joy I feel witnessing their successes.   What […]

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About Rosetta - Essential Difference Kinesiology

Why Kinesiology?

Why did I study Kinesiology over any other modality? Well Kinesiology was congruent with my experiences, observations and pretty much my life journey…. From the age of around 12 or 13 I walked the path of confusion, diversion, frustration feeling lost, alone, resentful, angry believing that there was no one that I could talk too who would understand, until early 20’s -perhaps a lot of teenagers go through this very same ‘developing’ period. I have been evolving ever since then from that ‘depressive’ time! However from adversity comes triumph right – so it is said. Turning back the clock….. I

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