March 2015 Newsletter

 Better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t….


January’s Newsletter provided a guideline to a divide and conquer approach to what you want in 2015….click here to read more.

We took a glimpse at our alignment and what makes you tick in February with 6 simple steps ….click here for more.

March holds the door open to possibilities…

But first I want to share with you that while sitting at my kitchen bench making notes for this very Newsletter my 11 year old came up to me, looked over my shoulder and began to read what I had written.  He then shared something I will share with you…. As he stood up, he simply said, “You’re talking about your tool box.  A tool box has all your skills in it to help you fix problems in your life’.  Without another word spoken, I watched him continue on his way with a warm smile!  And he’s right!  We each have a tool box with which we add to over time the skills and strategies we learn to call upon at any given time according to the situation at hand.

It can be difficult to achieve new things with the same tools and approach we have always used.  So how do we broaden our approach and diversify our skills??

We practise…  Opportunities are always abound.  They are often waiting to be noticed.  At the brink of frustration – stop, breath, notice your body, breath, think ‘how else can I do this?’ breath, smile.  The answer will come to you.  So I encourage you to think outside the square and be open-minded as to how you can achieve what you want.

To help you feel empowered, join me in a safe, confidential, nurturing space where we will explore strategies, activities and stories that will warm your heart and inspire you to discover more of you and to live more of your life!  Stay tuned for details coming very, very soon!

ox Rosetta

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