Message in a Bottle


Imagine this…

‘You are strolling leisurely where the water meets the sand and gracefully washes back to the ocean.  A soft gentle breeze brushes

Strolling along the beach
Strolling along the beach

along your skin and plays with your hair, and the blue skies lay overhead with deep dark ominous clouds on the distant horizon as the sun begins to fade over the nearby mountain range.  As you walk, you notice the rays of sun bounce and sparkle off an object.  As you approach, you see that it is a bottle barely exposed above the sand.  You reach down and pull it from its bed, wiping away the sandy covering to reveal a long curled note within.  As the sun sets and the sound of the ocean whispers, your heart pounds in your ears with excitement as you open the bottle to pull out the note.’  Upon which, have instructions to follow….what would you do???


We have and always will be in a world that is in constant communication with us.  With the vast methods of communication present in our world today, one that I believe takes the utmost priority is the messages our body sends to us, but why and how?

Information surrounds us at all times; we gather that data, sort it and act upon it.  Even if we do nothing; a decision was made to do just that.  This process is part of the intricate web of survival and all of it contributes to how we live our life.

When we feel good about something we are more likely to do it again to receive that internal gratification.  Similarly, when we are hurt or saddened we are less likely to repeat it.  However, a physical sign is often overlooked, and I believe these particular messages are important as they formulate the basis for our joy and how we choose to live our lives.  When we are hungry – we eat.  If we are thirsty – we drink.  If we have a headache, generally we do something to alleviate the pain.  In regards to a headache situation, taking pain relief certainly helps for that present moment, though I wonder how many would search for the cause to the headache so as to limit the chance of it occurring again.  When was the last time you acted upon a message from your body to uncover the cause rather than patch up signs and symptoms?

A sign is classed as something you can see such as a cut, a rash, hunched back or someone limping.  A symptom is classified as something you can’t see – like pain.  My goal as a Kinesiologist is to search deeper to find the cause hiding behind the signs and symptoms.  This process differs for each client as we are all uniquely individual with our own stories and messages in a bottle…

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